How does smoking effects on oral health?

We all are familiar with the fact that our face gets brighter and more influential with a healthy and bright smile. In today’s life routine, most of the people are captivated with the habit of tobacco and smoking as they consider them a way to skip from life stress and find solace (of course being hallucinated). But, have you ever noticed that these people also invite bad oral health with stained teeth, damaged enamels, weak gum-line area, and of course foul smell.

Smoking can lead to numerous severe oral diseases of which people are perhaps not aware. So, today, we thought of discussing how smoking affects your oral health and how to get rid of this bad habit. Let’s begin guys!

How does smoking ruin your oral health?

  1. Stains on teeth due to nicotine and tar in the tobacco contains present in the cigarettes destroy the endurance of your teeth. Besides, after years of smoking, people find their teeth brown and pale.
  2. People who smoke are more likely to have bacterial plaque leading to severe gum diseases. This is because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstreams of your gums and they eventually get attacked by bacteria, is an inactive state.
  3. The most severe and dreadful impact of smoking is mouth cancer. Every year, the count of deaths from mouth cancer due to smoking habits increases, and people are still not getting aware.
  4. Smoking can also hinder your immune system and diminish your taste sense by destroying your taste buds.

How does smoking effects on oral health?

Seek Help from your dentist

People who smoke should immediately consult with their dental specialists regarding their smoking habits and their respective effects on their teeth. A dental specialist can suggest you some of the best ideas to get rid of the bad oral state due to smoking and even can help you out to quit this bad habit of smoking. So, what you need to do is-

  1. Fix an appointment with your dental specialist and be regular with meetings.
  2. Collaborate to let them go for a full mouth examination to understand your oral conditions and spot if you have any severe scenario.
  3. The dentists will also check your tongue, mouth, neck to ensure if any detailed analysis is required.
  4. They will recommend you special toothpaste to reduce stains and paleness in your teeth and also encourage you for counseling seminars to learn how to quit smoking.

Author – Dr.Mansi Patel is a Dentist in Ahmedabad. She is an Expert Dentist running her own clinic in Satellite Ahmedabad Gujrat. She Loves to write about Dental Topic.