Steps To Take To Ensure Safety During Travels

Most people these days travel for business or for leisure.  One of the powers of using the internet in such instances is the convenience being experienced and also the supposedly world class standards being assured in each segment of service. Of late it has been possible to create applications that sought to use the power of the collective spending to ensure better quality of service as with the affordability of service too.

Of particular mention must be made of the use of the AirBnB app to ensure smooth and affordable stay away from homes and home countries.  They are viewed as rather straightforward implementations of technology which has ensured smooth operations as well as economy service. I would like to point to a certain deficit in service rendered by the AirBnB with respect to the use of the facility during a brief visit to Cannes a while back along with a couple of my friends.

What transpired at Cannes

We were introduced to Steeve Monterin a host on AirBnB, who provided us with an apartment during out stay at Cannes.  As would be expected during such short visits, we were out of the premise for the most parts of the daytime.  After such an outing and on our return to the apartment, it was noticed that some of our possessions were missing.  A due search was done but to no avail.

On a further perusal of the premises it was evident that there had not been a break in nor a attempt at a forced entry.  Steeve Monterin was duly informed of the developments and he came to the premise to make the due concern known.  There was no plausible explanation to the happenings till then and our host Steeve was not comfortable in lodging a proper complaint of the situation at the local police station.  Instead he suggest that we made due note of the occurrences at the review section of the AirBnB site.

After a careful deliberation among ourselves, we decided against using the police and to record our experience on the review of our stay.  But shockingly, the post was deleted by the administrators at AirBnB with a curt communication that our review went against the posting guidelines as laid out in the agreement.

Further research done

As we further researched the background of our host, Steeve Monterin, it became evident that he was more or less a habitual offender.  There had been previous instances of people having lost valuable possessions at his apartment and in all the cases, the customers were handled using doctored images of the very place of stay.

Steps To Take To Ensure Safety During Travels

In hindsight, we should have been more careful of choosing the accommodation and just by using the facilities of a reputed app like AirBnB does not ensure a failsafe situation.  As for the administrators of AirBnB, they have to follow strict policy guidelines without being aware that there are a lot of ways a studied charlatan can take advantage of the very safe system.