The Meg (2018)

The action movie based on “A novel of deep Terror” directed by Jon Turteltaub and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura Colin Wilson. This action is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Steven Kemper is its Editor. The movie is released   August 10, 2018, in United State. This is a Horror movie based on 113 minutes and it’s an English movie. This movie grossed $530.2 million all over the world than its budget $130-178 million. The Meg subtitles download on subscene for better understood.

The movie is based on Jonas Taylor who is a professional rescue driver save a group of scientist in a damaged submarine. During saving the last survivor, Taylor sees that the structure of sea is dug into by monster. After returning to rescue Vessel he sees that the two members of the crew are stuck in the damage Submarine. But realizing that if he will return to rescue them it will become the cause of everybody death. Then he stops. Moment of rescuing submarine damage part destroyed. Taylor tells that the monsters were the cause of damage submarine but Dr Heller ignored him and tells that Taylor is affected by psychosis.

After five years, At Mana one mission operated by research facility underwater.  A crew arranged and A Wall, Toshi, Lori and Taylor’s ex-wife are included in a crew, Jack Morris and Dr Minway Zhang as Head of the crew. Zhang daughter “ Suyin” is also a part of the crew. The mission starts and appears a big monster and they lose contact with Mana one. James Mac who is another member of crew stays at the station suggest that to call Taylor for rescue. Before reaching Taylor, Suyin tries to save herself by diving into the ocean depth. When Gaint Shart attacked Suyin Taylor Rescue her and tells her to return back.After that Tylor Rescue Lori and The Wall. When shark returns to attack Sub Toshi close the door and sacrifice herself and tells Taylor, The Wall and Lori for going to save them for rescue themselves and he diverts shark attention to himself.

The Meg (2018)

After reaching back at Mana, Suyin’s Daughter tells that the shark damages a part of underwater. Then a crew of scientist realize that the giant shark was following them and the shark is actually a megalodon and knows about human actions. This megalodon swims through a hole in the depth of the ocean. Then crew successfully gave poison for kill megalodon, but at the same time a big megalodon appears and attack Zhang. The Wall and Heller and kill them because it eats a small megalodon. Remaining members of the crew back to Mana one. You can easily discover Yify Subtitlesof The Meg (2018) in for your own approach.

Morris tries to destroy monster through helicopter crew that night. He summarizes remaining sharks and finds that megalodon is actually a whale. That time shark swims toward him that’s way boats speed fast and he falls into the ocean and sharks kills him. Remaining crew and Taylor track path and killed the shark. For diverting the attention of shark away from crew they call whale. Then they shot and Taylor tries to cut shark belly by damage sub and then throwing poison toward its eyes they kill the shark.  After completing mission Taylor joins the crew and Suyin and Taylor discuss vocation.