Valve Maintenance and procurement go hand in hand

Valve Maintenance and procurement go hand in hand

Some of the pressing challenges of oil and gas industry and indeed piping related businesses relates to the complexity of valve maintenance and procurement. This alongside rising and declining tides of the global economy are cause for concern for the piping engineering and end-user organizations who need regular functioning of the piping system to sustain productivity and organizational efficiency.

A major challenge for end users regarding valve maintenance and procurement stems from the proliferation of difference sizes, pressure rating, and internal components. Despite industry standard for different types of valves, variances in manufacturers’ designs of the product pose a serious concern for the regular and timely supply of the product. When this is added to custom needs of each customer, site location, engineering preferences among other make seamless maintenance and procurement operation a hard nut to crack!

Undisputedly, instruments and devices designed to monitor and control oil and gas industrial process are critical require accuracy and reliability. For this to be achieved, there is need to strike cooperative work plan between maintenance and procurement services to ensure seamless operation throughput that will guarantee achievement of the desired result.

Valve is a critical component of the piping operation, but unlike other components in the production system, valves procurement takes time. The reason is due to the processes of ascertaining quality valve and getting the right sizes and specification to complete ongoing maintenance process. Therefore there is need to maintain accuracy and efficiency; there is need to bring the two jobs together as a team. With such plan in place, it will be easier to solve the challenges of procuring valves and also solve issues of approved manufacturers and suppliers list to meet on-demand needs for valves.

Giving the challenges of fewer technicians with adequate expertise and skills to handle proper maintenance of valves and actuation equipment, forcing piping industry firms to outsource their maintenance jobs to valve suppliers, a well-orchestrated in-house plan to bring maintenance with procurement will have a lasting solution for every organization.

When an organization considers the need for a manufacturer to produce valves in batches and no two batches are the same in specification, getting the required specs for maintenance work need planning to prevent undue delay in the maintenance process. Therefore, it is safe to argue the need for procurement to be part of maintenance process and serve as supporting process for production. Every industry with a need for the valve as a critical input material should consider such arrangement to ensure seamless production. This will save manpower challenges, overhead costs, and provide a timely supply of parts for maintenance.

Valve Maintenance and procurement go hand in hand

Many end users have had to cope with production inefficiency due to suboptimal maintenance and procurement operations. Considering the dependency of majority of people on the output from major piping businesses, to shutdown production because of lack of materials to complete ongoing maintenance schedule may have ugly consequences. But this can be averted by thinking of workable measures to solve valve procurement challenges in a valve maintenance environment, and the simple solution that has worked efficiently in forward-looking organizations is for the two essential services to work hand-in-hand!